From Thin Air - Making a Promo (Part 2)

Step 5

So we’ve got our characters figured out. We’ve spent hours upon hours making sure the mouth is just the right distance from the eyes and we are just too tired to continue any alterations. Now comes a little thing we’ve found to be very helpful: the Animatic!

The animatic is your storyboard. The only difference is that you can add motion and sound to get your timing right. Doing this now is so much easier than altering a high-quality animation down the line. Saving time and sanity is essential in animation since every other aspect of it can be soooooooo so tedious.

Check out the animatic for our Tomato promo video below!

Test animatic for a promo video starring a tomato.

To be Continued…

We’ve got our story, our characters, and now even our timing and sound down. After you’ve sent your animatic to your mom and she’s told you how wonderful you are, it’s time to get down to the dirty work of animating your final version. Whether you use ToonBoom Harmony (our favorite) or the corner of your Sociobiology textbook, animation is not for the faint of heart.

So please, if you have any existing heart conditions, consult your doctor to see if animation is right for you.