World's Greatest Ad

What makes a great ad? Is it the color you use? Is it the use of a sans-serif font instead of a serif? Or maybe it’s the inclusion of some retired actor only senior citizens can remember?

Who the hell knows?!

Science knows! And in the coming weeks/months/years I’ll be using said science to test and track as many facets of an ad’s design as possible to achieve the World’s Greatest Ad.

Of course, I have to set myself some rules that will be carried through every trial.

  1. I cannot spend any more than $7 per ad. Why $7? Because 7 is not a lucky number. Therefore, any results I get won’t be tainted by some unforeseen positivity.

  2. Any videos I post must be kept at 6 seconds or less. It seems my own attention span can barely last that long so it seems a pretty good starting point.

  3. Each campaign can only test ONE thing. Knowing what changed to give a positive uptick is essential in an accurate test. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  4. Always honor the results! If I disregard data because of my own personal preferences then I’m no better off than some common street urchin.

I’m 99% positive a few Google searches can tell me exactly what I want to know but as my junior high biology teacher used to tell me, “figure it out yourself and stop asking me!”

Well, Mr. Campbell, you’ll be happy to know I’m figuring it out for myself.