WGA - Experiment 1A (Results)

We have a winner (sort of)!

We tested videos with black, white, yellow, red, and blue backgrounds to see which version performed the best. We looked at both 100% video completion and engagement and here’s what we found out:

The video with a Black background had the most video completions at around 9.1% while White had around an 8.5% completion rate.

What did we learn? The versions that aren’t even colors won the test for “Which is the best color?”

Now, onto what really matters: the engagement results.

With an astounding 11 clicks…Black for the win! Followed in a close second by Blue with 6 clicks. Red and Yellow had 5 clicks a piece and lowly White took last place with 4. Remember: each test cannot cost any more than $7.00. Therefore the test sample size is going to be rather small (and slightly less accurate).

I think I can speak for most brands when I say that companies prefer engagement over 100% video finishes.

Admittedly, I think I tainted my own results. See, the test was to see which background color would work. The constant was the white text on top of the block of color. I didn’t want to get called out for not knowing what a color was by including black or white so I chose to pop the word “color” with orange. Could this have been the reason people chose to watch and engage?

There’s only one way to answer that…to the next test!